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I would like to thank them for my absolutely wonderful experience. With great staff and teachers! My Mark went from a 77% to a 96%. 
               -K.Sauro (Grade 10 student)
Vidya Learning Centre has helped me in many ways, such as boost my marks, and helped me understand difficult topics.
It is a fun learning experience!
                              -D.Sharma (Grade 10 student)

I forgot my homework!
I dont remember the last time
I slept for 8 hrs
My essay...its due tomorrow but
To play games...
I still have the time
Because I'm good at that
Answering questions...
That's too hard!
There is Nothing that
seems easy
Everything i do...
Im going to fail at it!
There is no way...

Does this passage seem familiar?
That's the life issue of every unmotivated
high school student.

A good teacher not only brings change to grades and knowledge ....but also brings change to one's perspective towards learning.

Now go back and read the passage from end to beginning.

This change is what Vidya Learning has brought for me and many more.
Thanks for this new learning perspective.

                   -A. Rai (Grade 12 student)

I started attending Vidya Learning Centre around November of 2013 and it has honestly changed my report card. Before attending Vidya Learning Centre my math mark was in the mid 60's and after joining Vidya Learning Center for only 2 months my math mark rebounded and I was in the high 70's. Joining Vidya Learning Centre has made all the difference in my perspective as not only did I receive help for math but also for English and Biology. The staff at Vidya Leaning Centre are exceptional and have helped me take control of my grades. I look forward to attending Vidya Learning Center this August and throughout the year.
           -N.Mehta (Grade 11 student)
Ever since joining Vidya Learning Centre, my grades have improved drastically. I have learned how to be more efficient and more productive. I am able to utilise my time more effectively and have developed a new found love for math- a subject that I previously loathed. I have been able to maintain my A-average in all my subjects and I am very thankful for the support Radhika has given me. I could not have asked for a better mentor.        
            -A. Sandhu (Grade 12 student)
Thank you so much for the past 2 years. You have really helped me improve my grades and I'll be sure to recommend your company to everyone I know that's interested.                     
                -Wardah (Grade 11 student)
I have never seen my son doing so well. When he joined vidya learning centre he was struggling with his grades but within 6 months we saw trmendous improvement and now he scores 100% in each and every courses. He has been accepted for gifted programs. I would like to thank Vidya learning center for the exceptional teaching services and would definitely recommend to all parents.                    
    -F. Warden (Mom, Grade 7 student)
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