Vidya Learning strives to provide your child with a personalized curriculum based on individual needs.

We specialize in teaching: 

  • English

  • Math

  • Science

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)

  • French

The tutoring and educational services provided here focus on training the brain in aspects such as memory, fast-learning, analysis, comprehension, and learning behaviors and techniques.

Our main objective is to enhance academic skills, as well as explore undiscovered aptitude and wisdom in your child.

Philosophy and Mission

​The Vidya Learning method provides children with the training and knowledge they require to excel in academics. We focus on providing one-on-one tutoring and  small group tutoring, giving your child the attention they need, while building their confidence.

Apart from academics, we also strive to impart knowledge in these areas:

  • basic computer skills

  • speech and public speaking skills

  • knowledge of world events

Not only will this develop confidence in your child, it will also help them gain insight about the world around them.

​Our Staff

Vidya Learning has a team of experienced & enthusiastic tutors who take personal interest in helping students with their academic needs. Our qualified tutors are well-trained and are able to assess and encourage students to excel academically. 

Tutors will continually review students' progress and create an individualized curriculum that will help them succeed. Our tutors are great mentors and provide students with the extra guidance they need to reach their goals.

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