"Education never ends. It is a series of lessons, with the greatest for the last."

                                                     -Arthur Conan Doyle

Summer Break is an excellent time to review past materials as well as get a head start for the upcoming school year. Vidya Learning offers a comprehensive program with a flexible schedule to make it convenient for you to fit a course into your summer plan. It has been seen that students who are constantly engaged in an academic program during the summer months, excel during the regular school year. Our main goal is to prepare your child for the new school year, maintain an academic routine, get ahead with new concepts and build confidence. 

Children will be learning 

  • Advanced Math

  • English (Reading/Writing)

  • Science

  • Handwriting

  • Art & Crafts 

In addition to these areas, we also provide various other enrichment activities to enhance the learning process. 

Vidya Learning Summer Program 2019 Brochure >>







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